“Their knowledge, planning and attention to detail led to a successful project completed on time and within budget. Evergreen’s technical expertise and care for their work helped the City of Tigard exceed our project goals.”

Carla Steadter
Capitol Project Manager
City of Tigard


  • Habitat
  • Civil
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“Evergreens expertise in operations led to creative solutions that ultimatly shaved 15% of the overall schedule. Its obvious they have a strong future in the water and natural resources field. “

Alex Morton | Project Manager, Henderson Design-Build

Design Consulting

We work with project designers and owners to consult on constructability. We familiarize ourselves with the project intent so we can help reduce potential issues down the road during construction—when unforeseen problems can cause time and cost to grow fast. Our field experience can help ensure project success by expediting processes and stabilizing budgets. Read about one of our most successful design consultant projects.

Habitat Restoration

We are a full-service contractor for ecological restoration. Our qualified background of light-impact operations in water diversions, in channel excavation, engineered log jams, stabilization, erosion control, and timber harvest uniquely compound our ability to succeed in ecological restoration. Humanity has always needed to harness the power of natural resources, and these efforts often have degraded our environment. The people on our team all have personal and professional lives bound with ecological recovery and sustainability—pursuing the enjoyment of these environments with many others, as well as the understanding of how to help the environment recover. Find out more about how we helped one client with their project.

Site Work

Excavation, Water diversions, Hazard tree removal, Ecological restoration, Dam removal, Fuels reduction, Site development.